Mill + Jones

Comics by Anna Mill and Luke Jones
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Square Eyes 

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A graphic novel about robotic cities, augmented reality and digital memory, set in a future where the boundaries between memory, dreams and the virtual world blur.

256 pages
Jonathan Cape, 2018

Solar Plant


A pair of businessmen try to interest an investor in their failing solar power complex, and in the process uncover a cosmic conspiracy. 

In Métal hurlant vol. 1, 2021

Exile’s Letter

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A visual poem set in a degrowth future. Two friends join the fight to restore the wrecked environment. 

Part of Oslo Architecture Triennial

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Specious Spaces

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A man becomes obsessed with reconstructing fragmentary spaces from the backgrounds of video chats and webcasts. A short comic about architecture, illusion, and perspective.

For the Architectural Review, 2020

Ghost Story

A Christmas ghost story, set in a future ‘circular economy’. A surveyor falls victim to an organisational mania.

For the Architectural Review, 2019
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